For MEV17 MED17 EDC17 EEprom CRC calculation click here

For MED17 EDC17 Immo off in EEP click here

For Passat Comfort Module Pin Extraction from EEprom dump click here

For Kessy Module 93C86 Pin / CS Extraction from EEprom dump click here

For CAS Vin CRC click here

Nissan Glove Box 12 Digit code click here

Nissan BCM Old/New Pin click here

Nissan BCM with encrypted pin on sticker click here

Reversing service

If you want to solve some functions of any automotive related software or need some SKC for any ECU/BSI/BCM then you could be helped.Contact me via email or bitmessage and we can work out a solution for your need. Some things (all written in c language) done so far:
  • Procedures for keyteaching for Ford fully solved (from outcode/incode to latest MAC logins)
  • PSA BSI (JC,Valeo,Siemens) Read/Write with Ram bootloaders
  • VAG Immodecoding (EDC17 ECU, VDO PQ25, MM & JC dashboards immoblocks)
  • Passat CCM full 7 byte CS decoding
  • BCM2 read immodata by OBD
  • Various dashboard programming solutions via OBD
  • SKCs for various ECUs
  • and many more
  • NEWS: we make custom sw based on the widely available lawicel can dongle
  • like VAG VDO 24C64
  • and now even for the 6/2014- MQB platform (Golf 7 etc)
  • Email: info at Skype: ask for skype contact via email